From helping survivors of brain tumors find joy and patients with dementia connect with each other to enhancing communications in governmental agencies and empowering collaboration between cultural organizations, we serve our community through laughter. We partner with fellow nonprofits, doing everything we can to work with tight budgets and limited resources.

We offer reduced rates for fellow nonprofits and have a few spots open each year for pro bono work as well. Tell us a bit about you and what you hope to gain from working with us, and our nonprofit specialists will get back to you with options.

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For years, we’ve brought our industry-leading anti-bullying workshops and interactive improv-based curricular touring programs to schools. Now’s your chance to take advantage of these one-hour experiential learning opportunities with IBcreative.

All of our programming is designed as interactive assembly sessions. Students and teachers are involved throughout the program through:

  • Suggestions from the audience
  • Information gathering and question answering
  • Student and faculty volunteers who join the teaching artists on stage during portions of the workshop.

Our sessions change based on each audience in front of us. No two sessions are exactly the same since your students and faculty help build each session as we go.

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St. Joseph School presents ImprovBoston Anti-Bullying Workshops

Our workshops:

Got Your Back: Anti-Bullying Through Improv

This innovative, interactive, highly-acclaimed workshop for students in grades K-12 is based on the core principles of improv:  support, trust, collaboration and acceptance. Students work with teaching artists to share their stories in real time and work through problematic behaviors. Through role playing, laughter and problem-solving, students and cast members take a serious exploration of the many forms of bullying. This customized workshop (based on grade level and the issues your students face) proves that no script in life is prewritten and that every student has the power to create a positive, supportive, collaborative community.


Tools for 21st Century Learning: The 4 Cs

Today too much focus is on teaching to the test. Yet, more and more, what you know is not as important as how you apply it. Anyone can google facts, what we need now are independent thinkers. In this session, IBcreative’s expert teaching artists show your students how to use the tools of improvisation to explore four of the most important concepts in education: communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. This fast-paced, highly interactive performance features the entertainment value of a professional comedy show seamlessly blended with the 4 Cs. Students take the stage alongside the ImprovBoston cast for an unforgettable hour of supported risk-taking customized to each grade level.


Many Voices, One Goal: Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion

To create the best comedy, we need different points of view. The same is true in everything we do in life. When we bring different perspectives, backgrounds, and beliefs to the table, we can create things we never could on our own. This session focuses on celebrating differences. What makes us unique is what makes us special. When we combine all those special characteristics, we can accomplish anything. Now is not the time to judge someone for being different. Now is not the time to tell people to silence or downplay what makes them who they are. Fitting in is overrated. Let’s embrace what sets us apart.


Build Your Own Comedy Show

Winner of the Nickelodeon award for Best Children’s Theater, our National Touring Company brings laughs to audiences of all ages. This completely improvised, fast-paced comedy show takes your student’s suggestions and instantly turns them into scenes, games and songs. This highly interactive show offers many opportunities for students and faculty to take the stage alongside our professional improvisers. Since we build it with your students, the show is never the same twice, which means schools bring us in year after year.


We also offer multi-session school residencies in improv, writing, and public speaking.

Ask about our faculty training session in improvisation, creating a positive classroom culture and more.

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Got Your Back: Anti-Bullying Through ImprovTools for 21st Century Learning: The 4 CsMany Voices, One Goal: Celebrating Diversity & InclusionBuild Your Own Comedy Show

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