The IBcreative team has more than 35 years of experience in applied improvisation. We use improvisation to help your team tap into their full potential through industry-leading on-your-feet experiences that have your team laughing and learning. Clients consistently report that our workshops are their best-rated training events and that our sessions have impacts measured in years, not just a few days.

Communicate better

“Kelly was amazing to work with. I took both one-on-one lessons for storytelling and group lessons for stand-up. Both times, Kelly’s encouragement and patience saw me through. As a professor, I wanted to improve my ease of managing stage presence and improve the versatility of my lectures. Kelly listened and then tailored the one-on-one sessions accordingly. By the end of it, I felt comfortable enough to experiment with stand-up (I even attended open mics in the Boston area!), which was a great learning experience.”

 – J.S.  –  Faculty, Boston University


“A fun and valuable way to broaden and strengthen business communication skills. I would definitely take the opportunity to experience this training.”
— Fidelity

“It’s worth the cost and time and applicable to everyone and their job. I truly enjoyed the experience. It was perfect.”
— Continuum

Build your team

Every interaction with Kelly is a master class in active listening. She showed me how to harness the power of active listening to improve my communications both personally and professionally. Kelly’s coaching style is positive, energized and supportive. Do not pass up a chance to work with Kelly.

Janet – Senior Manager

“Great team building exercise for a diverse group of people. This was great — I can’t stop smiling!”
— Modera Wealth

“Go try it! It’s great for team building and gives great confidence where you wouldn’t think you had it. I loved this, and I will definitely apply it to my work and personal life!”
— Owner IQ

“Like most things that push us out of our comfort zones, our time spent with IBcreative quickly became about so much more. As a group, we celebrated each other’s on-the-spot choices and were humbled by the many ways improv techniques can be used to create a more productive, creative, and supportive professional environment.”

“My face hurts from laughing! A must for any company.”
— Modera Wealth

Value your staff

“Great team building activity that was fun, engaging, and enjoyable for everyone. This is the best thing they’ve had us do yet!”
— Ocean Spray

“It was a liberating and fun experience that would be valuable for any company or group of people.”
— Modera Wealth

“This show was the highlight of our conference. Our employees are still quoting it weeks later.”
— Pegasystems

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