The IBcreative team has more than 35 years of experience in applied improvisation. We use improvisation to help your team tap into their full potential through industry-leading on-your-feet experiences that have your team laughing and learning. Clients consistently report that our workshops are their best-rated training events and that our sessions have impacts measured in years, not just a few days.

Communicate better

“A fun and valuable way to broaden and strengthen business communication skills. I would definitely take the opportunity to experience this training.”
— Fidelity

“It’s worth the cost and time and applicable to everyone and their job. I truly enjoyed the experience. It was perfect.”
— Continuum

Build your team

“Great team building exercise for a diverse group of people. This was great — I can’t stop smiling!”
— Modera Wealth

“Go try it! It’s great for team building and gives great confidence where you wouldn’t think you had it. I loved this, and I will definitely apply it to my work and personal life!”
— Owner IQ

“Like most things that push us out of our comfort zones, our time spent with IBcreative quickly became about so much more. As a group, we celebrated each other’s on-the-spot choices and were humbled by the many ways improv techniques can be used to create a more productive, creative, and supportive professional environment.”

“My face hurts from laughing! A must for any company.”
— Modera Wealth

Value your staff

“Great team building activity that was fun, engaging, and enjoyable for everyone. This is the best thing they’ve had us do yet!”
— Ocean Spray

“It was a liberating and fun experience that would be valuable for any company or group of people.”
— Modera Wealth

“This show was the highlight of our conference. Our employees are still quoting it weeks later.”
— Pegasystems

Who we've worked with

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