Innovation starts by saying ‘Yes’

IBcreative will help you create a Culture of Yes. Set up a space where risks are rewarded, where failure is a stepping stone to success, and where the expectation is the unexpected. When imagination, creativity, and joy form the foundation of your culture, employees — and your company — thrive. A team that feels supported and valued is a team that’s engaged and ready to offer their best, most creative ideas.

IBcreative will guide you to a Culture of Yes through interactive exercises that are as impactful and transformative as they are fun (and funny). Foster true connections. Build more meaningful relationships with colleagues and clients. Create an environment where respect, engagement, and gratitude take the lead. Empower each employee to make inspired contributions. Experience the difference of moving your team from ‘no’ to ‘yes.’

Improv inspires creativity, risk, and innovation

How improv works

Improv teaches team building, active listening, confidence, creative thinking and real-world adaptability. Turn conflict into collaboration. Transform challenging moments into positive experiences. The concepts we use onstage every day to create impressive performances out of thin air are the same concepts that will give your company the creative edge of innovation.

Say “Yes”

Improv is rooted in the idea that we agree with our scene partner. When we agree, we say “Yes” and open ourselves to true collaboration. Agreement allows improvisers to confidently explore the unknown, to harness creativity. By saying “Yes” in the corporate environment, the foundation of improvisation can help a company find the next big idea, too.

Say “And”

The second rule of improvisation is “And.” After we say yes to a new idea, we wholeheartedly build on it by saying “and.” “YES, we can build a lighter rocket AND we can make it faster.” “Yes, And” ensures collaboration. Success in business never comes in a vacuum. What starts as one person’s vision catches fire when other folks are inspired, invested, and contributing.

Support each other

Improvisers serve the show, not themselves. When a team member makes an offer on stage, every improviser supports it. In business, we often get hung up on owning ideas or competing internally. Everyone goes farther faster when we all agree to support each other. The team’s success is everyone’s success, on stage and in business.

Fail big

Failure is not the enemy. Fear is. On stage, every moment, every offer, every movement, and even every “mistake” is a gift: something to be mined, learned from, and built on. Some of the biggest innovations in history have come from “failures.” The only way to truly fail in improvisation is to let fear take over.

Make a choice

Take a risk. Inactivity makes for bad theater and bad business. Improv helps us live in the moment, think faster, build confidence, and get things moving. Businesses grow and thrive when they have momentum. A better, more creative, more engaging, and inspiring workplace starts with a single choice.